Bali ...

a tropical island in the Indonesian archipelago, is so pictur esque and immaculate it could almost be a painted backdrop. It has rice paddies tripping down hillsides like giant steps, volcanoes soaring up through the clouds, dense tropical jungle, long sandy beaches, warm blue water, crashing surf and a friendly people who don't just have a culture but actually live it. In Bali spirits come out to play in the moonlight, every night is a festival and even a funeral is an opportunity to have a good time.

the perfect holiday destination for all ages offers something for everyone. This tropical paradise has a unique blend of modern tourist facilities combined with wonderful shopping and a rich past and heritage. The Balinese people are proud of having preserved their unique Hindu culture against the advance of Islam, the dominant religion throughout Indonesia. This is still reflected in day to day life and can be seen in the numerous ceremonies, Balinese festivals and magnificent temples and palaces. Some of the best surfing beaches in the world can be found on the western side of the island whilst conversely the eastern side is a wonderful haven for families, with beautiful white sand beaches and gentle seas.

Irian Jaya ( Papua ) ...

Irian Jaya is a tropical island with primeval rain forests, powerful rivers, beautiful beaches, lakes and mountains. The highest mountain is Mount Jayawijaya, with snowcaps covering its 5,000 meter-high peaks. The area is also rich in natural resources, including fish, timber, and precious metals. These, however ever, have become a source of conflict between the central government and local peoples.

The people of the island can be divided into more than 250 subgroups, which are closely related to the islands along the southern rim of the Pacific and include among others, the Marindanim, Yah’ray, Asmat, Mandobo, Dani and Afyat. Those in the central highlands still maintain their customs and traditions and because of the terrain have virtually been untouched by outside influences. Communications hove always been difficult here and different tribes have lived, for the most part, in isolation even of each other, resulting in an incredibly diverse mixture of cultures.

Irian Jaya is a land of exceptional natural grandeur. Its jungle is among the wildest, most impenetrable in the world. Eternal show caps mountain ridges more than 5,000 meters high, with walls that plunge hundreds of meters down onto floors filled with small glacier lakes. It has scenic beaches in abundance as well as immense stretches of marsh lands. Cool grassy meadows lie at the foot of the forewing mountains. Rivers cut through dark forest until their sluggish, crocodile infested mouth disgorge the water into the sea.


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